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The ST Manual does not cover the Cleansing Rundown. It is however the next step after Life Repair.
The reasons it is not covered in ST are the following: It is not an audited action. Since there is no auditor involved it falls outside what we cover. It is a physical health program; the basic data covered are use of mega-doses of Vitamins and Minerals in connection with a Sauna program. It has to be C/Sed by somebody who are familiar with this particular program and we are not sufficiently familiar with it to write the book on it. 
Fortunately the book on it has been written. R. Hubbard's "Clear Body, Clear Mind" covers it in great detail. It is available online from http://lronhubbard.org 

Luckily, this action is well suited for being C/Sed long distance. Daily reports can either be faxed in or emailed to the C/S and he will give instructions for the next day's sauna trip.

We can just briefly describe what takes place locally. Let us say you will be in charge of the local and practical aspects of this program.

There need to be two people minimum doing the program together. They are twins for the program. They need to support each other and see each other through any difficulties in the sauna.

Before starting on the program each pc needs a medical check to ensure they are fit enough to go through this sauna program physically.

As a manager you have to make sure they have such a physical exam by a medical doctor. 
You also have to find a sauna they can use. It can be a local health club, a sports club or even an up scale hotel that would have such facilities, if there is no private sauna available. You have to make sure they allow men and women in the same sauna if your twins are a couple.

You have to make sure, that your pc's have enough time available for several weeks. If they can schedule two to three weeks with a daily sauna period of 5 hours or 4-6 weeks of a daily sauna period of 2 1/2 hours  you can start them.

Your daily work consists of getting your pc's started on the program. You make sure they take all their vitamins, minerals, oil and so on before sending them off to the sauna. At the end of the period you have them fill in their daily reports and you get them sent off to the C/S. You are the link between the C/S and the pc's.

The purpose of the program - as described in "Clear Body, Clear Mind" - is to rid the body (and especially the fatty tissues) for any residuals of drugs, medicine, toxins and preservatives. It is a first important step in handling the negative effects of these toxins on the body and the restimulative effects they have on the pc physically and mentally. It also handles effects of sunburns and radiation. On the Grade Chart it is stated this way: 


Grade name Release name What is handled Prere-
Class Ability attained

-2 Hope

Cleansing RD

Cleansing RD completion Biochemical 
Medical exam and OK to do it. none Freedom from residuals of drugs and other toxins and their restimulative effects




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