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End Product of Objectives: Pc oriented in Present Time regarding the physical universe. Pc and pc's thinkingness under his control.
Correction Lists needed in case of troubles: L1C.
Auditor Skills needed: ST 1 Auditor. 
(Can be done unmetered by new auditors as well (co-audit activity). They would do the basic ST 0 theory plus TR 0-4 and TR 6-9 the Objectives theory and drills of ST 1.)

Objective processes are basically physical drills done under observation of Auditors Code and other basics of auditing.

The auditor's worksheets are often skimpy as they are written as notes between processes and completed after session.

As stated in the materials on ST 1 under EP of Objectives:  

"Objectives have to be run honestly and to an actual Objectives EP. Failure to run Objectives fully and completely - especially on pc's with an extensive drug history - can set up a pc for less than optimum gains from future actions. A pc who can't execute physical commands is not ready for subjective auditing as you don't know what he is doing with the command."

The C/S has to ensure, that no "Quickie" processing takes place and that the auditor does not shift from the physical running and observations to "Two comm'ing". This would basically be to permit the pc (and auditor) to talk their way out of doing the processes. The C/S ensures that physical manifestations are noted and not a lot of significance or "think".

Sometimes these processes are done in plain view in a class room. For green auditors this is the best set-up. The course supervisor can do observations on how the processes are run and include his observations in the pc folder. The C/S should still stick to the Ivory Tower Rule and not be directly involved. But he should use the course supervisor's observations for any study order or cramming order of the auditor. Were they done tone 40? Were they done as physical processes? Were the processes run long enough to bite and then flattened?

The C/S would look at the pc's drug history (Pc Information Sheet) to get a rough estimate of how long a run is needed. The processes take the time they take. It can be anywhere between 15-75 hours in our experience. Besides "druggie" symptoms they have proven to be effective to handle lack of concentration, lack of confront and lack of execution. Phenomena like "Attention deficit disorder", very nervous and agitated behavior and "Hyper activity" are all caused by lack of confront and physical ARC with the environment and will change radically when these processes are run right. The ultimate cure for Q and A "Man's deadliest disease",  is to flatten all the Objective processes completely. They also handle pc's who are accident prone or clumsy.

The Objective Processes are designed to break automaticites and so-called mental machinery. They are very effective in doing so. All these 'machines' are what the pc is using to "confront" the environment. The pc is confronting on a via. The pc may turn on many odd phenomena on the processes as these mental machines gets triggered. Mannerisms, "weird ideas", obsessions, compulsions, distant memories can all be triggered as they are controlled by 'mental machinery'. When the processes are continued these automaticities will eventually be broken down and the pc can now simply confront the environment and present time directly. As a C/S there is no reason to alarm when such phenomena are reported. On the contrary; it means the processing is working. Just make sure the auditor handles the manifestations with good control and ARC and the pc will sail through it with excellent wins.

When done unmetered no ruds are flown. Since the processes are physical and directs the pc's attention to the environment they tend to handle any usual out ruds.

When done metered (ST 1 auditor) the auditor would use full Model Session. He starts the session with flying ruds and goes on to the Objective processes. When the pc has a cognition the auditor would seat the pc at the Meter set-up and note down his cognition, any F/N and indicators and determine if that was the EP of the process. Pc going exterior with VGI's (not uncommon) is always an EP for that process, but not for the whole program.

Level One Review
The Objectives are part of the Drug handling on a case so they are best done after the Cleansing RD. Any processes not done as part of this level would be done as part of Grade One. On Grade One the earlier run of objectives would be reviewed. It is done by rehabbing or flattening each Objective process already run and run the ones not yet done.

The way to rehab an Objective process is the following:

1. Done in Model session with ruds in.
2. Auditor orients the pc to the process and session in which it was done.
3. Auditor asks pc: "On (that process) did anything occur?"
4. If pc expresses what sounds like an EP, but no F/N VGI's, the auditor goes into a rehab by buttons to rehabilitate that EP.
5. If the pc did not have an EP or the apparent EP won't rehab the auditor would simply flatten the process by doing it right then and there to full Objective Processes EP.

TRs and Objectives
As you can see in the table below, it lists TR 0-9 under "Audited on". The TRs are done in a course room under an instructor's supervision (and not the C/S') and is a course, not auditing. They consist of TR 0-4 and TR 6-9. When doing these drills as a course, the pc should not at the same time receive auditing. They are bound to change his outlook and case drastically. The Objectives are done after the pc has completed these two sets of TRs.

Before pc is sent to Attest the C/S has to make sure the pc has made the Grade. This should be expressed in good TA action worked into the Grade and worked out of it. The cognitions expressed should be relevant to Ability attained - not something else.

The pc should be able to attest to the following:

Grade name Release name Audited on Prere-
Class Ability attained
-1 Help TRs and Objectives Objectives completion TR 0-9, Objective processes Determ. 
C/S (1)
ST 1 or 
Oriented and in present time re: MEST 





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