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C/Sing the Recall Drug Rundown




End Product of Recall Drug RD: Pc released from harmful effect of drugs, medicine, alcohol.
Correction Lists needed in case of troubles: L1C.
Auditor Skills needed: ST 0 Auditor.

Both the Cleansing RD and the Objective processes handle aspects of the harmful effects of Drugs, alcohol and (some) medicines. The Cleansing RD handles the residuals in the body and their restimulative effects on the pc. The TRs and the Objective processes make the pc push through the non-confront and masses caused by drugs. Pc gets extroverted and looks past them. The Recall Drug RD addresses these masses directly in the pc's Bank.

The Recall Drug RD consists of three major steps: (1) The Rehab step and (2) the Recall step. (3) After that there is a short Objectives step as well. The Rehab step is the most delicate one.

The procedure is fully described in the Recall Drug RD itself. Please also see special Note for C/Ses in that write-up.

In case you have a top notch auditor and a green auditor, you should probably let the top notch one do the Rehab step. The Recall and Objective steps can be done by a green auditor without trouble.

What is important from a C/S point of view is to get a full and complete list of all possible drugs, medicines and alcohols the pc has taken this lifetime and check them all. This may take some folder study and insistence on the part of the C/S to get done. Don't let your auditor or pc off the hook until it is utterly and fully complete. That drugs are fully handled on the case with Cleansing RD, TRs and Objective processes and Recall Drug RD ensures an easier and much better go on the rest of the Grades.

The End of Endless Drug Rundowns - Repair List
This Repair list is a Rundown in itself and is not normally used on the DRD. It is not the repair list for failed sessions on DRD. The instructions for this RD are:

"The End of Endless DRDs Repair List is the Rundown for handling a pc who has been over-audited on drugs, who has had an endless DRD done by old style drug auditing, and/or who has By-passed Charge on auditing on drugs.
A prerequisite for the Rundown is that the pc is first set up for the Rundown with a C/S 53 to F/Ning list. (The C/S 53 is not part of the Rundown itself but is required as a set-up action which is done separately.)
 The End of Endless DRDs Repair List is then delivered as a Rundown in itself". Cases needing that usually had a hard time on the Drug RD itself. They couldn't confront the incidents. etc.

Before pc is sent to Attest the C/S has to make sure the pc has made the Grade. This should be expressed in good TA action worked into the Grade and worked out of it. The cognitions expressed should be relevant to Ability attained - not something else.

The Ability attained from Recall Drug RD is:


Grade name Release name Audited on Prere-
Class Ability attained

-1 Help

Recall Drug Rundown

Drug RD completion Subjective effects of drugs, medicine, alcohol. Determ. 
ST 0 Released from harmful effects of drugs, medicine and alcohol





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