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C/Sing The Recall Grade


End Product of Recall Grade: "Pc knows he won't get any worse."
Correction Lists needed: L1C. Also two ARC Processes (below) can be used in SAL. 
Auditor Skills needed: ST 0 Auditor.

Before starting the pc on this action fill in the FES Checklist for Grades and handle anything out.

The Recall Grade includes Self Analysis Lists and a number of Recall processes listed in ST0.
R. Hubbard called this Grade ARC Straightwire™. We call it the Recall Grade.

What is required by the auditor here is mainly good TRs and adherence to the Auditors Code. Sometimes green auditors coming out of drilling the procedures will push the process onto the pc too quickly. They drill of course the "Whats-it line" in training - the auditor's questions. Allowing the pc to establish an Itsa Maker Line and an Itsa Line is what make the processes work. It's a good idea to have the session taped to see this point is in as well as other basic auditing skills.

The use of the Self Analysis Lists is of course not exclusive to the Grades. When putting a pc on the Recall Grade you have to make sure, Self Analysis hasn't been run already. If they have, they should be rehabbed as the auditor goes along and possibly flattened if not EP'ed first time through. (Truth told, Recall as done in SAL is an almost unlimited process as long as you rehab and acknowledge the wins already gotten. But you want to get the pc up through the Grades; so rehab and go onto the next process).

As part of the Grades the SAL and other Recall processes are Major Actions and has to be done with the pc set up for it. Usually this simply requires Model Session and flying the ruds before the processes. As always "Auditors Rights" is also a responsibility and green auditors have to get used to all the tools available to them in Auditors Rights.

Self Analysis Repair
There are actually two simple Recall Lists in the back of Self Analysis which can be used by the auditor to get the pc out of troubles. They should only be used for Self Analysis.

"If pc merely became uncomfortable without great sorrow or physical pain, but simply wanted to avoid the recollection, use the following list:

1. Recall the incident again in its entirety from first to last.
2. Recall the incident once more.
3. Recall an earlier incident similar to it.
4. Recall an incident earlier.
5. Recall the earliest incident that you can get like it.
6. Recall all these incidents, one after the other, in their entirety.
7. Recall all the incidents again, one after the other, from the earliest to the latest.
8. Recall all these incidents again.
9. Go over the Chain of similar incidents and later ones on up to present time.
10. Recall a pleasant incident which has happened in the last few days. Get all possible perceptics on it.
11. Recall what you were doing an hour ago."
(Sight, Smell, Touch, Color, Tone, External Motion, Emotion, Loudness. Body Position, Sound, Weight. Personal Motion)

The below usually stabilizes any of the above conditions:

1. Recall a time which really seems real to you.
2. Recall a time when you felt real affinity for someone.
3. Recall a time when someone was in good communication with you.
4. Recall a time when felt deep affinity somebody else.
5. Recall a time when knew you were really communicating to somebody.
6. Recall a time when several people agreed with you completely.
7. Recall a time when you were in agreement with somebody else.
8. Recall a time within the last two days when you felt affectionate.
9. Recall a time in the last two days when somebody felt affection for you.
10. Recall a time in the last two days when you were in good communication with someone.
11. Recall a time in the last two days which really seems real to you.
12. Recall a time in the last two days when you were in good communication with people.

Recall several incidents of each kind."

(Sight, Smell, Touch, Color, Tone, External Motion, Emotion, Loudness. Body Position, Sound, Weight. Personal Motion.)

Before pc is sent to Attest the C/S has to make sure the pc has made the Grade. This should be expressed in good TA action worked into the Grade and worked out of it. The cognitions expressed should be relevant to Ability attained - not something else.

The Abilities gained from Recall Grade are along the lines of improved memory, vivid recall. The wins are usually quite spectacular and far beyond "Won't get any worse". But the pc should be willing to attest to the below:


Grade name Release name Audited on Prere-
Class Ability attained
-1 Help

Recall Grade

Self Analysis, Recall prcs. Determ. 
ST 0 Knows he won't get any worse





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