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C/Sing Level Two Actions
Grade 2, Confessional Tech
with Marriage Confessional



End Product of Grade 2: "Relief from hostilities and sufferings of life"
Correction Lists needed: L1C (Process 1-9), LCRE for O/W processes.
Auditor Skills needed: ST 2 Auditor.

Before starting the pc on this action fill in the FES Checklist for Grades and handle anything out.

Grade 2
These are repetitive processes and are C/Sed as such. Processes 1-9 are not O/W processes but an undercut. The auditor should use "Auditors Rights" and possibly L1C if an upset should occur. From 10 onward we are into O/W type processes and the auditor should use Trouble buttons to handle any upset - and LCRE if needed (which would be very unusual). 

Confessional Auditing
The C/S makes sure auditor follows Confessional Procedure, uses trouble buttons and LCRE correctly, etc. The C/S especially makes sure any reading confessional question (whether on a list or from the general tech) is F/Ned eventually. That it is rechecked and F/N'ed as a final test. Since the form is much freer than repetitive auditing any Q and A has to be pointed out and corrected ruthlessly. Any question not F/Ned in one session (because the auditor lost track of it) should be taken up as part of the C/S for the next session and taken to full EP, F/Ning upon calling. Any indicators of missed withholds or lack of frankness should be taken up as part of the next C/S and be double checked with additional "disrespectful" questions on the subject. The C/S has to close the door on any chance of missed withholds being left behind. Doing that and making sure confessional auditor's beingness is in is what makes all the difference. It is serious business to leave a pc with any missed withholds whatsoever!


Marriage Confessional
This is done by the Marriage Confessional chapter. Use of Trouble buttons and LCRE as needed. Also instructions on not leaving missed W/Hs (see Confessionals) apply. Also having copies made for both folders is for the C/S to enforce. What is also important for it to be successful is, that there is some counseling (not auditing) done as a follow-up. The Assist by itself should have brought about an atmosphere where the couple can get things sorted out. They should sit down with a councelor and make up a program to work things out by. As far as this manual is concerned the data on PTS program can serve as inspiration, but not as a rigid model. What needs to be handled is not PTS'ness but their basic rules and agreements they live by.

Before pc is sent to Attest the C/S has to make sure the pc has made the Grade. This should be expressed in good TA action worked into the Grade and worked out of it. The cognitions expressed should be relevant to Ability attained - not something else.

Ability Attained from Grade 2 is the following:


Grade name Release name Audited on Prere-
Class Ability attained
 6 Enlightenment
 5 Understandings
 4 Orientation

Grade 2

Overts and withholds Grade 1 ST 2 Relief from hostilities and sufferings of life

Re: Grade 2  - There do exist a compilation of all applicable processes developed by R. Hubbard for this Grade. They are published as HCOB of 14 November 1987. In the rare case, the pc does not make it on the processes included, the correct action would be: Go over the reports of auditing already done on the Grade (do a folder error summary). Interview pc about the difficulty. Handle any By-passed Charge (including missed earlier actions as needed). Correct anything found and flatten unflat processes. If necessary, use additional processes not run, including processes for the Grade from above HCOB.  




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