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C/Sing Level Three Actions
Change, ARC Breaks, Repair Lists



End Product of Grade 3: "Free of upsets of the past; ability to confront future"
Correction Lists needed: L1C - L4, L4BRB (L&N of Grade 3's L3H).
Auditor Skills needed: ST 3 Auditor.

Before starting the pc on this action fill in the FES Checklist for Grades and handle anything out.

Most of the processes of Grade 3 are repetitive processes and C/Sed as such. Be on the look-out for any Manifestations of M/WHs as they may be triggered and should be handled as such. Otherwise an L1C should pick it up as well.

The Last process, L3H, contains Listing and Nulling and in case of trouble it should be corrected with an L4 or L4BRB.


Correction Lists
Level 3 also contains many Correction Lists. What is important in C/Sing these is really the auditor's ability to make them read. Be ruthless in cramming auditors on this as it makes his and your work a lot easier when this point is in - besides the pc may even live when the correct BPC is found quickly and handled. The purpose and instructions for each list has to be studied closely. They are in the C/S Mini dictionary and also on ST3, Correction Lists and their Use. Auditors need to routinely be checked on and probably crammed on their Assessment Drills, the TR-Qs.

A good study of Correction Lists with all their points and handlings is how you become a top notch C/S at this level. The handlings themselves can sometimes be used as a Repair without the whole list having to be done. If a folder study has confirmed what you are looking at you don't want to miss it just because the auditor can't get it to read. Handle the obvious point directly (making sure it is charged) before anything else. Then handle the whole list if appropriate.

Before pc is sent to Attest the C/S has to make sure the pc has made the Grade. This should be expressed in good TA action worked into the Grade and worked out of it. The cognitions expressed should be relevant to Ability attained - not something else.

Ability Attained from Grade 3 is the following:


Grade name Release name Audited on Prere-
Class Ability attained
  9 Body
  8 Adjustment
  7 Energy

Grade 3

Freedom Release Past upsets, change Grade 2 ST 3 Free of upsets of the past; ability to confront future

Re: Grade 3  - There do exist a compilation of all applicable processes developed by R. Hubbard for this Grade. They are published as HCOB of 14 November 1987. In the rare case, the pc does not make it on the processes included, the correct action would be: Go over the reports of auditing already done on the Grade (do a folder error summary). Interview pc about the difficulty. Handle any By-passed Charge (including missed earlier actions as needed). Correct anything found and flatten unflat processes. If necessary, use additional processes not run, including processes for the Grade from above HCOB.  



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