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Life Between Lives Spiritual Integration Sessions

Welcome to the Exploration of the Divine Journey!

We are all on a life journey. Most people believe this one brief "strut across the stage" of life is it. Once dead, that's the end of the story. Not so. The soul lives on. We could take this all on faith -- and many religions tell us to do just that, but it is possible to discover one's own spiritual odyssey for one's self! If "all of our answers are found within," then let us pursue those methods and techniques that connect us to our vast inner resources and open the doors of remembrance.  We can get in touch with our essence, and with our soul's journey,  while in altered states. Here is where we confront subjective truth, transpersonal experience, and higher states of consciousness. Here is where depth psychology meets with metaphysics and mysticism. Join with me, Stephen Russell Poplin, a trained and experienced hypnotherapist and interfaith minister, as we explore these eternal questions together. 

Curiosity about the "afterlife"  is an ancient exploration. Many cultures and religions have contributed to this perennial discussion. Terms such as the bardo, limbo, purgatory, nirvana, and even Heaven refer us to these ancient contemplations and speculations. But what really happens -- to us and to all sentient beings -- after we pass on to the other side? We can be told by very gifted psychics who we were and where we have been, but wouldn't it be fascinating to recall these meta-memories ourselves?

Is there life after death? If so, where do we go when we leave this earthly form?

What is our purpose here on earth?

What is this thing called "soul?" Do we have a higher self or spirit? 

Do we have spirit guides or angels, and how do they work with us?

What about karma? Are we fated to follow some path or destiny, and to meet certain people that bring some karmic connections and life lessons? Do we have a soulmate? or twin souls?

This then is the journey:  Through altered states of consciousness, induced by various hypnotic and alpha techniques, we can "sense" images and perceptions of our past lives and of our life between lives!

Please join with me as we mutually explore the great spiritual journey of your own soul. In these webpages I will explain the options and possibilities of that divine exploration: a life between lives spiritual integration session.

Life Between Lives Spiritual Integration

Welcome to the Journey!

Our Goal

If the secrets to Life are within us, then we should be able to find them. "Knock and the door shall open," "seek and ye shall find." ... Yes, we have heard this all before. Why can't we remember these things of our divine past? Very likely young children do indeed remember. Then we teach them differently! As adults, our busy minds and structured lives over-power the subtle images of spirit. We have to "get out of the way!"

There are many ways to recall spiritual or soul memories. Together we will explore those methods and techniques that can aid you in uncovering your soul recollections.

Welcome to the Journey!

Connect to the Source

My aim is to help you to recollect as many memories as possible. Along the way, you will be clearer about your purpose in life, deal with issues that have impeded your progress, as well as recognize, and accept, your talents, and learn about others in your life (and past lives) and the lessons they bring.

Please join me, Stephen Russell Poplin, M.A., CHT, LBLt,*  and let the journey begin!

CHT - certified hypnotherapist

LBLt - life between lives therapist

Hypnosis is safe and natural.

My rates for these sessions are 89 Euros per hour. Usually a past life regression takes about 3 hours; an LBL takes between 3 and 4 hours.
This will be recorded digitally for you at no extra cost. I will make a CD of the session for you.
These sessions are described on the Fee Information page (link top left). Please contact me for scheduling.

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 I would like to thank Dr. Michael Newton (left), for his pioneering work presented in his best selling books, Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls. He essentially gave the world a diagram or inspired sketch of heaven -- no small contribution.

  And he's a great guy!

We are stardust, and more, we are spirit, and we've got to get ourselves back to the garden.