This chapter is based on The Road to Clear

Introduction to Guided Tour


Guided Tour



"What is a Student"
"Barriers to Study"
"Understanding and Study"
"Conceptual Understanding"

Level 0

"What is Auditing"
"Basic Definitions for PC's"
"PC Hat"
and Auditing"
and Scales"
"ARC & Training Routines"
"Axiom 28 - The Comm Formula"
"PC Indicators"
"How the Meter Works"
"Auditor's Code"
"Auditor's Beingness"


"The Grades"
"Recall Grade"
"Comm Grade"
"Grade Chart"

Level 1

"Objective Processes "

Level 2

"Missed Withholds"
"Overts & Motivators"
"Confessional Auditor's Beingness"

Level 3

"Two Way Comm"
"ARC Breaks"
"Cause of ARC-breaks"
"Listing & Nulling"

Level 4
"Service Computations"
"Right and Wrong"
"Fixated Purpose RD"
Level 4 Pro
"Potential Trouble Source"
"PTS - Definitions"
"Anti-social Personality"
"PTS Phenomena"
"Out- Interiorization"
Level 5

"Time Track Illustrated"
"Time Track and Engram Running"




The Guided Tour to Standard Technology describes the most important principles of  Standard Technology. The technology was mainly defined and developed by R. Hubbard between 1948 and 1986.

The Guided Tour is based on our major textbook called The Road to Clear. The Guided Tour is not a textbook but is simply intended to be a book you can read through without too much difficulty.
We do believe that people new to standard technology will find it a good and comprehensive introduction to the subject.

The technical procedures are not part of The Guided Tour, but can be found in the User's Manual, The Road to Clear. Throughout our publications the subject is referred to as Standard Clearing Technology or simply ST.

The reason for writing The Road to Clear was, that we found that this technology had never been written up in a comprehensive textbook form, where you have the benefits of later research and hindsight to state it all in the simplest possible form and in context. We were not trying to cut corners. The technology is what it is. It is precise and well tested for over 30 years. But there didn't exist a user-friendly User's Manual in how to apply the technology.

When it comes to teaching a subject it can be made easy or it can be made hard. In The Road to Clear  we chose to make it as easy as possible. By concentrating on  the relevant data to practical application, and by explaining it as plainly as possible, the ideas and principles are made more easy to grasp.  We chose to use simple words. We used a fair amount of illustrations to make the reading more enjoyable and more up to date. We tried to build in the principles of R. Hubbard's study technology into the presentation itself. 

With The Guided Tour to Standard Technology we have made it even simpler. The Guided Tour is not a textbook but is intended to simply be a good read. We simply ask you to find a good chair and sit back, have a cup of coffee within reach and enjoy your reading. 


The Standard Clearing Technology Series

In The Guided Tour we are giving the reader a good piece of The Road to Clear. The full Road to Clear consists of 8 parts or Levels. It covers the full know-how needed to process somebody else to the state of Clear.

  The Goal of  Standard 
  Clearing Technology is to enable 
the student to go Clear.
   Clear is a state, where mental burdens contained in one's mind ('Bank') are  handled (pc's Bank eventually gets erased). This results 
in greater well being, better performance and greater 
interest in life. 


What we cover in The Guided Tour are the main principles of these major levels. We have also included parts from Clearbird's Study Manual.

To study ST for application you need to find another person, who is interested too. He or she will be your study partner or twin for the duration of the actual ST courses.

You study The Road to Clear together, you check each other out on the theory. You do the drills together on a turn-around basis. First you drill your twin, then she drills you.

The Road
to Clear
  teaches you 
  how to audit.  


You Help Each Other to Clear
When you have learned the necessary skills in theory and practice, you can start applying it on each other. This is the most exciting part of the ST course. You learn to audit each other and do a long list of processes. You start with processes that have to do with recall. These processes will improve your memory and your understanding of your mind, your past and the recordings of your past in your mind. These recordings - as you will find out - can come to life as a complete three dimensional movie with amazing detail of impressions and perceptions. These recordings in the mind make up what we call the Time Track.

The next part you learn from The Road to Clear has to do with communication. Communication is one of the most important abilities and skills a being or person has. When you improve that your life is going to change forever.

The practical skills you learn from doing the course will stay with you. And so will the gains you will get out of co-auditing with another on the recall (memory) processes and the communication processes. The improved communication abilities and skills will be of great value to you in your daily life and in dealing with other people, your family, your job, your interests, etc.

The eight levels of The Road to Clear are, the five Grades levels (ST0 to 4), Engram Clearing (ST5), handling special case situations, so-called repairs (ST4Pro), and Case Supervision (ST5 Pro-CS). Each Level teaches the student how to audit one specific Grade.

The Levels are based on R. Hubbard's research papers. The Grades taught have been put to the test for many years now. The current line-up (the processes) were designed and assembled in 1971-72 and revised in 1976.  There have been very little need for changes since 1980. Any changes prior to 1986 were however taken into consideration. There has been changes in how the subject was taught and there has been changes to what to do before and after these processes. But the information you get here has certainly been applied successfully to tens of thousands of people from all walks of life and from all over the world.

The Levels are:

Grade 0: You gain 
"Ability to 
  communicate freely  
to anyone on 
any subject".


ST 0.  This Level deals with the basic skills you need to practice this technology. You learn to audit recall processes and communication processes. It also covers other things you can co-audit (Drug Rundown, False Data Stripping and Assists). Also: see Grade Chart.

ST 1.  On this level you learn a number of additional skills that you need for this level.

You learn to audit a number of so-called physical processes or precise physical exercises. They deal with control, communication and recognition and how you experience the physical universe (called havingness). These are practical walk-around type of exercises, where words play no or a minimal role.

You learn to apply a number of processes on the subject of Help. It is important in life to be able to give and accept help freely, and it is also important to the success of your progress in processing. 


  Grade 1: You become  
"Able to see source of 
problems and make 
them vanish".

The main part of ST 1 deals with Problems. You learn some theory about problems and you learn to co-audit these processes. It helps you resolve old problems.  Also: see Grade Chart.


Grade 2: You gain 
  "Relief from hostilities  
and sufferings of life".


ST 2.  This level deals with responsibility, guilt and bad conscience. You learn to deal with all the things, you wished you hadn't done or shouldn't have done. There is a lot of relief to gain from dealing with this and from becoming more responsible.  Also: see Grade Chart.


  Grade 3: You become  
"Free of upsets of 
the past; gain ability to 
confront the future".

ST 3.  This level deals with change and a more flexible attitude to change. It also deals with past upsets. Upsets are often unwanted changes in the past that you never quite recovered from. You learn to co-audit on these subjects and get free from these past upsets and broken down relationships.  Also: see Grade Chart.

Grade 4: You gain 
"Ability to do new 
things; Moving out 
  of fixed conditions".

ST 4.  On this level you learn some other sides of responsibility and situations that seem to repeat themselves in your life. People often get themselves into the same or very similar situations over and over. How come? You may be surprised. But your own fixed ideas and set ways of dealing with things can possibly be improved upon. On the auditing part of this level you take a good look at all these fixed ideas and fixed solutions, so you can remove them if you want to.  Also: see Grade Chart.

Level 4 Pro: It contains actions 
that may be needed early on or 
   at one time or another. It's well   
stocked with tools, remedies 
and boosters.

ST 4 Pro. This level contains a number of actions and data outside the Grades. They are helpful and needed in special situations. But it handles such fundamental things as a remedy for students loosing their gains. A way to recover the benefits from earlier education and a number of specialized so-called repair actions. If a student runs into problems with his own progress up the Grades, he may need a repair. ST 4Pro is  well stocked with tools, remedies and boosters. There is a full chapter on how to handle illness and injuries with auditing to speed up healing and improve health. 


A Time Machine may be fantasy but 
   Time Travel into the distant past gets    
a new meaning with ST 5 techniques. 
The pc is returned to incidents of his 
past and made to relive them with all 
the original perceptions. He can 
recover past experiences 
with an amazing number of details.


ST 5.  We have come to the level that will take you to the state of Clear. You may have wondered if you have lived before this life. ST 5 is most likely the place where you will find out for real. You may wonder where odd pains and aches and other inexplicable phenomena in your life stem from. This is the place to find out. This is the level where you explore your own Time Track - starting from current complaints and tracing them back in time. This is usually a wild and exciting ride and a true journey of discovery into the past. At some point you may reach the state of Clear.  Also: see Grade Chart.

Clear is a very exciting state of being and existence, where you feel a tremendous rise in power and freedom; you will feel detached from all bad experiences of the past. You will see your own future as bright and promising.  You will be able to think and see clearer. But how exactly it will change you is for you to find out. Clear has an exact technical definition that will be covered in due course.


The Case Supervisor makes 
sure the processes are run right 
   and the students get the expected    
results and are are winning.   

ST5 Pro C/S. Case Supervising (C/S'ing) is the art and skill to supervise auditors, and auditing. What is included in ST is a C/S Mini Hat. It teaches the basics of case supervising and how to ensure the expected results are obtained and special problems are handled. Students, whether doing auditing or receiving it, are under the Case Supervisor's supervision and guidance when it comes to auditing.


  You need a 
  study partner, a 
  so-called 'twin', 
to get the full 
benefits from 
the manual. 


How to Find a Twin (study partner)
The right way to do the course contained in The Road to Clear is to do it under the supervision of an experienced instructor who knows the materials well. You need to do practical drills and receive instructions; drills can be difficult to explain in book form. There are fine points and there are things it takes an experienced instructor to point out to get right.

But even if you have stumbled over The Road to Clear and you want to do it, but don't have an instructor or even a twin to work with, you should get started. Study the manual anyway. Do the drills that you can do by yourself.

As your enthusiasm builds up you will interest your friends. Suddenly, you will find somebody you can share your enthusiasm with. Pick someone you feel you can work with and who is willing to put in about the same time as you do. It's a lot more fun to work together with somebody, sharing with him or her.

In order to do the processes you do need a partner.  You can possibly put an ad in the local paper to find a twin - you may end up with a whole group on your hands. Other possibilities are to attend meetings and fairs focused on supernatural phenomena and make friends there.  If you are a group of three, four, or many more, you can really have fun and help each other. You can interest even more people and keep the momentum rolling.

The present publication, The Guided Tour to Standard Technology, is however just intended as a good read. It will give you a taste and feel of, what ST is all about and you can take it from there.

The Editors and

C. Bird,
Class 8 Auditor.


Clearbird Publishing 2003, 2004