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The following information has direct relevance to what the pc is supposed to do and not do outside of session. (For more info for beginning pc's about what auditing is see also, "What is Auditing" and "Basic Definitions for PC's").

FOOD: The Auditor's Code requires that the pc be well fed. There is a little more to that. The Meter responds better when pc's metabolism is good. Therefore he should eat extra healthy food, including fresh vegetables and take multi vitamins/minerals while in auditing. This speeds up auditing. It is recommended to take a daily mega-dose of balanced vitamins/minerals. Basic information about this can be found in R. Hubbard's book, "Clear Body, Clear Mind". (A  basic table is included in Glossary).

SLEEP: The pc has to be well rested. Eight hours is recommended.  Also, auditing should not be done late at night or outside the pc's normal awake hours.

ALCOHOL, DRUGS: Alcohol, drugs, and auditing do not mix. The rule is: Drink no alcohol 24 hours before session. Do not take pain-killers, headache pills and the like while in auditing. The rule is usually no auditing a week after such medication. Street drugs can take 4-6 weeks to wear off. You should tell your auditor what medications you are on or take on a regular basis  and clear up any questions up with him.

OTHER TREATMENT OR PRACTICES: The Auditor's Code (above) states:

"(15) Do not mix the processes of ST with other practices except when the preclear is physically ill and only medical means will serve."

If the pc is currently involved with other practices he should tell the auditor right away. For ST to be effective it has to be allowed to work. If the pc depends on several types of therapy simultaneously there is probably a physical condition or a major problem in his life. The auditor will make sure he gets any medical assistance needed and then handle the case aspects of the condition with the pc fully being there. ST is effective when allowed to work.

We are not trying to replace 
   needed medical treatment with   
ST. But a pc with his case 
handled will have less medical 
conditions happen to him.


OFF-LINE ACTIONS: Related to the above is: Do not accept off-line actions. The pc should not accept assists, do a full TR's Course, or accept "Coffee Shop Auditing" (meaning somebody  informally trying to audit you over a cup of coffee) while receiving auditing. Only when the auditor and the case supervisor know what is going on can they be fully effective.

PCs SHOULD NOT TALK ABOUT THEIR CASES: This can lead to invalidations and out reality and undue restimulation by "helpful listeners".

EXAMINER STATEMENTS: If something out of the ordinary happens outside session that the pc feels it is important for the auditor to know, he can go to the Examiner and tell it to her. She will ensure it gets in the folder and that the auditor (and case supervisor) will know. It can be illness, accidents, unhandled or new problems; also unexpected wins and successes. In case the pc feels bad about earlier auditing or a sudden situation in life, it becomes high priority for the auditor to handle it and he should do so within 24 hours. 

ETHICS: If pc runs into heavy problems with relatives, employers (or the law), etc., the auditor may need to address it before auditing is begun or continued. This is based upon the auditor's judgment, but also on some technical facts. Heavy Present time problems need to be addressed in the physical universe. 

This concludes all the basic data needed to be able to receive auditing successfully. Make sure you know this very well as it saves you time in auditing and makes it run better.