This chapter is from The Road to Clear, Level Three

Level Three - Outline


Guided Tour



"What is a Student"
"Barriers to Study"
"Understanding and Study"
"Conceptual Understanding"

Level 0

"What is Auditing"
"Basic Definitions for PC's"
"PC Hat"
and Auditing"
and Scales"
"ARC & Training Routines"
"Axiom 28 - The Comm Formula"
"PC Indicators"
"How the Meter Works"
"Auditor's Code"
"Auditor's Beingness"


"The Grades"
"Recall Grade"
"Comm Grade"
"Grade Chart"

Level 1

"Objective Processes "

Level 2

"Missed Withholds"
"Overts & Motivators"
"Confessional Auditor's Beingness"

Level 3

"Two Way Comm"
"ARC Breaks"
"Cause of ARC-breaks"
"Listing & Nulling"

Level 4
"Service Computations"
"Right and Wrong"
"Fixated Purpose RD"
Level 4 Pro
"Potential Trouble Source"
"PTS - Definitions"
"Anti-social Personality"
"PTS Phenomena"
"Out- Interiorization"
Level 5

"Time Track Illustrated"
"Time Track and Engram Running"






On Level Three a number of skills are taught. They are aimed at handling upsets and being able to locate and eliminate the causes to upsets. To make an auditor capable of that several skills have to be mastered:

Life Repair
The student learns how to do Two-Way Communication as a formal process. This is used in Life Repair and in many repair actions. It has other uses as well. All data needed for Life Repair are included.

ARC breaks
The student gets all the vital data about ARC breaks - how and why they come about and how to handle ARC breaks occurring in life or auditing. ARC breaks, Change, and the handling of By-passed Charge are the main topics of Grade 3.

Grade 3
The Grade 3 processes are of course taught here. Besides ARC breaks Grade 3 deals with ability to cope with change. Students are expected to audit each other to Grade 3 Release.

Listing & Nulling
We cover the theory of Listing & Nulling. L&N is a precision skill based on the Laws of Listing & Nulling. L&N has many uses in repairs and more advanced processing; the first use is a process on Grade 3 itself. 

Auditing by Lists - Repair Lists
Ability to use Repair Lists to find and handle By-passed Charge makes a professional auditor that can handle just about any situation in auditing. All the major Repair Lists are included and taught here on ST Level 3.

Int Remedy
It is a major stumbling block to auditing progress when a pc has Out-Int, meaning charge building up after the fact that of going exterior. Sometimes this leads to the case condition known as Out-Int. 
We have included a remedy for this condition. The full theory and all the tech is part of Level 4 Pro.