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Recall Processes

Recalling Untraumatic and  Happy Moments              

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In recall processing you are making the pc communicate with his past. The normal human way to commit something to memory, is to make a mental image picture of it. Then he can later recall it (or restimulate it). In Recall you are thus having the pc communicate with mental pictures and the mental MEST stored in his mind.

There exists an elaborate recording of the past in the pc's mind. It exists with an amazing number of details and different perceptions. We call this consecutive recording of pc's existence for the Time Track.

The Time Track is like a three dimensional motion picture, but it includes recordings of emotional states, smells, motion, pains, etc., etc. It is actually complete with about 55 different perceptions. All these perceptions are recorded in mental image pictures; and put together they make up the Time Track and they can all be recalled in processing. (See also the Time Track illustrated).

Since the Reactive Mind for a large part consists of mental recordings of bad experiences, recall processes is an important step to be able to handle that. You are recalling happy experiences in this processing and that is a first important step.

"When the pc gets 
restimulated the Bank 
   is apparent Cause and    
pc at Effect."

When the pc gets restimulated the Bank is apparent Cause and the pc at Effect. In Recall processes the pc is made to look at his pictures; the communication line is reversed and puts the pc at Cause and the Bank at Effect of the comm cycle.

"In Recall processes the pc is made 
to look at his pictures; the communication 
line is reversed and puts the pc at Cause 
   and the Bank at Effect of the comm cycle."   

This is the first important step in taking control over the Memory Banks and the Reactive Mind. In session and under the auditor's control the pc suddenly finds it quite doable to contact memories and mental image pictures at will, whether known or long forgotten, and review them in great detail in the session. The normal sequence of restimulation and "Why did I suddenly think of that?" has been reversed and the pc + auditor is greater than the Bank is at work.  The auditor + pc team is in control and at cause.

In Recall processes we usually concentrate on positive experiences. By simply working with the mechanisms of memory and contacting the memory Banks, the pc will usually experience a considerable raise in tone as well as in recall ability. The pc will work with the mechanisms of remembering as well as forgetting. Forgetting is a mechanism of memory as well. This is clear, when you think of all the things "You would wish you could forget happened". So these are both abilities of memory and part of the Recall Grade. 

Ability Attained from Recall Auditing:


Knows he/she won't get worse.