This chapter is from The Road to Clear, Level One

Level One - Outline


Guided Tour



"What is a Student"
"Barriers to Study"
"Understanding and Study"
"Conceptual Understanding"

Level 0

"What is Auditing"
"Basic Definitions for PC's"
"PC Hat"
and Auditing"
and Scales"
"ARC & Training Routines"
"Axiom 28 - The Comm Formula"
"PC Indicators"
"How the Meter Works"
"Auditor's Code"
"Auditor's Beingness"


"The Grades"
"Recall Grade"
"Comm Grade"
"Grade Chart"

Level 1

"Objective Processes "

Level 2

"Missed Withholds"
"Overts & Motivators"
"Confessional Auditor's Beingness"

Level 3

"Two Way Comm"
"ARC Breaks"
"Cause of ARC-breaks"
"Listing & Nulling"

Level 4
"Service Computations"
"Right and Wrong"
"Fixated Purpose RD"
Level 4 Pro
"Potential Trouble Source"
"PTS - Definitions"
"Anti-social Personality"
"PTS Phenomena"
"Out- Interiorization"
Level 5

"Time Track Illustrated"
"Time Track and Engram Running"





There are a number of topics included in Level One:

Objective Processes
These processes are physical walk-around processes. They are based on data about Control, Communication and Havingness. The Objectives are often run very early on on new pc's and they can be done as co-auditing without a Meter. The section about Objective Processes can thus be done separately as a course of its own.

Help Processes
Help is a good thing, but it can cause aberration when it goes wrong. Level One includes some theory of Help as a subject and Help processes.

Problems Processes
The main topic of Level One is Problems. You get some useful theory about Problems and the Problems processes for Grade One. Grade One is usually called Problems Release. Students audit each other on this.

A Prep-check means Preparatory Checking. A Prep-check gets the rudiments in thoroughly on the area or subject being Prep-checked. This action has many uses. It is used to handle troublesome subjects and areas and Prep-checking them can give much relief to the pc. On Grade One Prep-checking is used in a Problems Process.