This chapter is from The Road to Clear, Level Four Pro

Level Four Professional - Outline


Guided Tour



"What is a Student"
"Barriers to Study"
"Understanding and Study"
"Conceptual Understanding"

Level 0

"What is Auditing"
"Basic Definitions for PC's"
"PC Hat"
and Auditing"
and Scales"
"ARC & Training Routines"
"Axiom 28 - The Comm Formula"
"PC Indicators"
"How the Meter Works"
"Auditor's Code"
"Auditor's Beingness"


"The Grades"
"Recall Grade"
"Comm Grade"
"Grade Chart"

Level 1

"Objective Processes "

Level 2

"Missed Withholds"
"Overts & Motivators"
"Confessional Auditor's Beingness"

Level 3

"Two Way Comm"
"ARC Breaks"
"Cause of ARC-breaks"
"Listing & Nulling"

Level 4
"Service Computations"
"Right and Wrong"
"Fixated Purpose RD"
Level 4 Pro
"Potential Trouble Source"
"PTS - Definitions"
"Anti-social Personality"
"PTS Phenomena"
"Out- Interiorization"
Level 5

"Time Track Illustrated"
"Time Track and Engram Running"






Professional Level Four includes Rundowns and repair actions still needed for professional delivery up to Grade four. The actions are not part of the Grades themselves but are used to handle special problems, that pc's can run into that need attention in order for the pc's to make it all the way. Word Clearing Method One is a booster, that clears up earlier education. A number of such remedies and repair lists were already part of ST 3. The Lists here compliment them. Level 4-Pro ties up a lot of loose ends of auditing, mainly of interest for serious auditors. The PTS tech, the Int RD data and Date-Locate should however be interesting reading for pc's as well. 

ST Level 4 Pro includes:

Word Clearing Method One
PTS data and PTS Rundown
Suppressed Person RD
Recall Int RD
Dating and Locating
Green Form 40 Expanded
    - Including 'Out of Valence' RD
Int RD Correction List
Study Green Form
Repair Correction List
End of Endless Drug RD Correction List

Word Clearing Method One. Maybe this action should have been part of Level Zero. It is not difficult to do and it is a lot of fun. It clears up misunderstoods in past subjects and studies. The result is spectacular. The EP is Recovery of one's earlier education.

PTS Data. This section gives the reason some pc's may loose their gains and have ups and downs in life. If your pc has to deal with antagonistic persons in his or her environment there is a lot of help to find here. Audited actions include "PTS Assist", "The PTS RD" and the amazing "Suppressed Person RD".

Interiorization. The Recall Int RD is a remedy, that may be needed when certain symptoms are present. When a pc goes exterior and later goes back into his body he may experience a list of symptoms, including headaches and odd body aches and pains. The main indicator is high TA after lots of auditing. Such a pc should first of all be checked for Out-int and have it handled.

Date and Locate, is an amazing procedure to handle stuck moments and incidents. It is a special process that are called for on several correction lists. If you know the exact time and place of something the charge of the incident will blow. It can also be used to rehab certain type of releases. 

Expanded Green Form 40. This is a prepared list designed to handle resistive cases. If a pc does not seem to make any progress or respond to good auditing, regardless of any past errors completely handled, this list can be used to find the exact reason and will give you a handling for it. One of the RD's is the 'Out of Valence' RD.

Other Correction Lists. The following correction lists are also included: Int RD Correction List, End of Endless Drug RD Correction List, Study Green Form and Repair Correction List.